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Scott’s Thoughts: Monarch in Training

Are you a monarch in training? Hang in there to find out.

Scale Up Social Sharing with Addvocate

How do you get everyone on your team sharing your company's voice ...

Great Read Roundup: Little Tips with a Big Impact

In less than 15 minutes, you can tune up your life. These ...

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Tweeting in Ten Minutes a Day

Learn how to reduce your total Twitter time to 10 minutes per day with this article from Mashable!

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The Closing Word: Amass

This week’s Closing Word: Amass

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Scott’s Thoughts: Your Cathedral

What does cathedral building have to do with a purpose-driven life?

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Read Rooster: Become Well-read on the Go

No time to read? Think again. Read Rooster will boost your reading habits in just 15 minutes per day.

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Great Read Roundup: Makers, Managers, Privacy & Burnout

10 reasons why privacy matters, the difference between makers and managers, and 3 types of burnout.

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The Closing Word: Specious

This week’s Closing Word: Specious

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Video: Facebook Fraud? Looking Behind the “Like”

What’s behind all those new “Likes” anyway?

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Coaching Tip: Todoist, the GTD Method, & Real Estate

How do you combine GTD and Todoist to manage your real estate listings?

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Great Read Roundup: Google’s Hiring Mindset, Blocking Articles on Facebook, & Speed Reading

Facebook’s new block feature, speed reading technology, and a look at how Google hires.

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