Scott’s Thoughts: Never at War

“Nature is good at connectivity. The impact of diverse human activities is observed and absorbed throughout nature. Everything is linked. Nature has no problem with coherence. Ecosystems react with their own logic.”

-Jonas Gahr Støre, Norwegian politician

One should never be “at war” in real estate. Business is full of metaphors which are counterproductive to a long-term real estate career. There’s no “winner take all” position in a real estate market. One does not “crush” the competition. To be great in real estate, one must look elsewhere for mental models.

Regarding your local market as an ecosystem is a more productive metaphor. Real estate is cyclical and seasonal. Collaboration is far more likely to yield results than viewing others as “the enemy.” A thriving market, like a thriving forest, requires diversity.

Real estate is about growth. Growing good neighborhoods, growing wealth, and growing working relationships with the wide variety of professionals who serve the dream of home ownership.

Lead with the vision of what can grow, not a fear of what may be lost.

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