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Learn a New Language with News in Slow

Want to give yourself an instant competitive advantage? Looking for a way to increase the pool of potential leads? Consider learning a second language. There are lots of non-English speaking clients around the world who would love to own a property in the U.S. If you can’t communicate with them, you have zero chance of [...]

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Play Your Way to a New Language with Duolingo

Learning a second language isn’t only about expanding your knowledge, experiencing other cultures, and connecting with others… it’s also a powerful competitive advantage over those in your market who only speak one language. As┬ácensus data shows, the percentage of those who speak a non-English language at home has grown considerably over the past thirty years. [...]

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Sixty Vocab: Learn a Language, Grow Your Business

Want to double your prospects? Learn a new language. SixtyVocab is a tool to help you do it fast.

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