Tweet Right: Marketing Insights for Twitter

Twitter InsightsTwitter can be an incredibly powerful marketing and communications tool, but most people are intimidated by how to use it. Deceptively simple, it’s hard to initially get why people seem addicted to it, or how pros are using it.

The truth is, most people are using it wrong. This interesting research report, as summarized by from a Buddy Media study, reveals some fascinating insights into how people are missing big opportunities on Twitter:

Four interesting findings:

1. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without, yet only 24% of tweets during the time of the study used them.

2. Using one or even two hashtags in a tweet is fine, but if you add a third, you’ll begin to see an average 17% dropoff in engagement.

3. Posts with images have double the engagement of those without even though users can’t see them until they click on them.

4. If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X.

Definitely check out this post if you want to study-up on Twitter and out-perform your competitors!

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