10 Ways to Save on Utility Bills this Summer

Sunglasses on the beach.“Hot enough for ya’?”

If it’s not yet, it probably will be. And the hotter is gets, the higher those utility bills go. Save some money with this excellent article filled with 10 tips for lowering your utility costs.

This is a great piece to send to clients to let them know you’re thinking about their expenses and interested in helping them keep their home in tip-top energy shape. Here’s the cheat sheet for the ten tips:

  1. Get Your HVAC System Ready
  2. Clean Air Filters and Vents
  3. Keep Blinds Closed
  4. Lower Your Utility Rates
  5. Time Your Thermostat
  6. Switch to LED Bulbs
  7. Buy a Water Cistern
  8. Use Your Ceiling Fan
  9. Invest in Smart Power Strips
  10. Don’t Use an Irrigation Schedule

Get the details on all of these tips in the full article. They include some surprising revelations and handy how-tos:


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