15 Powerful Timesavers to Close Deals Faster

Closed sign.On average, how long did it take you to close deals last year? What were the bottlenecks? Which deals were nightmares and which ones were dreams? Why?

If you want to close more deals in 2019, you should identify areas where deals were held up and see if you can optimize your process in order to smooth the path towards becoming a top producer.

With that in mind, we’ve researched an excellent piece to help you do just that. Published by The Close, this article counsels you on 15 things you can do to leverage your time, remove obstacles, and impress your clients time and time again. The list includes:

  1. Make Sure Your Buyers Are Pre-Approved
  2. Have a Pre-Property-Viewing Counseling Session
  3. Feeling Social? Your Clients Are
  4. Get Savvy With Showing Schedulers
  5. Email Drip is Still Hip
  6. Only Look at Homes That Meet Your Buyers’ Needs
  7. Consider Investing in a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  8. Have a Dedicated ‘Client Device’
  9. Use a Digital Signature Program to Put Offers Together Quickly
  10. Make Your Offers as Competitive as Possible
  11. Prepare Your Inspector For Your Client’s Call
  12. Find a Digital File System You Like and USE IT
  13. Talk to Your Lender EVERY DAY
  14. Become a Local Regulation Rockstar
  15. Establish a Regular Relationship With a Title Company

Get the details on each of these tips in this excellent guide:


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