3 Practical Real Estate Sign Tips

Image of sign tipsOakley Signs & Graphics clients often come to us seeking advice about yard signs and display marketing techniques. Here are a few tips we thought you might find helpful:

On protecting your signs…

Rather than stack the signs face-to-face, invest in a few inexpensive fleece blankets (or moving blankets) to pad the sign surfaces. Creating a soft layer will help prevent scuffs and scratches in transit, and also prevent loose items in your trunk from dinging your valuable signs. Your sign is an extension of your best impression. You wouldn’t meet open house visitors with a burrito stain on your shirt, right? (At least in the best case.) Take the time to protect your investment in your signs.

On application and consistency…

Have you considered making the switch to reflective sign panels? The special coating makes your signs shine at night, increasing visibility for your listing. In these shorter days, when the sun sets early through the winter months, maximize your listings’ exposure with reflective signs. One thing you’ll want to be sure to do is match reflective riders to your reflective signs. You definitely don’t want half of the message to get lost in the dark.

On standing out…

If possible, use riders that make your potential clients laugh. Some examples would be “Not Haunted,” “It’s a brick… house!” or “Honey, stop the car!” The agents who use these types of riders report a high degree of success as it is a simple way to make yourself (and your listing!) stand out.

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