5 Letters for Prospecting Expired Listings

Download 5 Letters for Prospecting ExpiredsLand more expired listings with this 5-letter collection from My Real Helper. This collection contains several different approaches to getting those crucial expired-listing meetings:

A. A two-letter prospecting sequence to introduce yourself and then follow-up after initial contact (Sequence 1 & 2).

B. A long-form letter ideal for printing and sending to the area you’re farming.

C. A short-form letter, also good for print or email (if you have access to the homeowner’s email address).

D. A powerful luxury listing letter for working those high-end expireds. This letter alone landed one agent 3 listings between $325,000 and $1,000,000.)

This collection contains a PDF file with overviews of the letters and instructions, the original Word .doc files you can customize to your liking, and a single plain text file containing just the letters without formatting.

Up your expired prospecting power today.

Download the Expired Letter Collection now: http://www.myrealhelper.com/shop/appealing-to-expireds-letter-collection/

By the way, we also have a collection of letters for following up with clients after the sale!

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