5 Reasons Why Your “Good Gut” Might Not Be So Good

Gut instinct isn't always right.I have a great deal of respect for intuition. I also have tremendous apprehension when people overuse it. While I always keep myself open to nagging feelings and reservations, I don’t let them dominate my thinking. They are a factor in my decision making, but these days they are a minority factor. I rely much more on data and expert counsel. (For example: We test Oakley’s new shopping carts, we don’t make the buttons green because I think it’s soothing.)

One of the problems with your “gut reaction” is that you have a very hard time seeing your own bias. What makes you unique is also a factor in limiting your point of view. What feels like an informed opinion is sometimes… not so informed.

According to a very enlightening article by Get Elastic (the #1 Subscribed-to Ecommerce Blog), there are 5 major reasons why our gut feeling may mislead us:

1. Gender
2. Personality Type
3. Level of Tech Savvy
4. Your Industry Experience
5. Your Role in Your Organization

While this article looks primarily at things from an ecommerce perspective, I urge you to read it. “5 Reasons Why Your Gut Feel Stinks” will help you gain a better understanding of each of these five gut-influencing factors. It will also help you learn to think past your reaction. While it might not change your decision, the reflection beyond your reflex will undoubtedly help you in your career.

5 Reasons Why Your Gut Feel Stinks

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