Apps to Help You Keep a Journal

Apps to help you keep a journal.Following up on this week’s Scott’s Thoughts, we wanted to share a few journaling apps we recommend for a variety of device platforms and “journaling styles.” While there’s nothing wrong with keeping a paper notebook for your private reflections, there are some benefits to software-based journaling:

1. Protection from prying eyes
2. Backups in the cloud
3. Robust search features

There are no shortage of apps, of course. Here are a few top picks we’ve put together:

1. Day One ( Probably the most highly recommended journaling app on the web, Day One works on iOS, Android, and the Mac. In addition to a simple interface, it allows you to customize multiple reminders. The basic edition is feature-rich, but the premium subscription takes journaling to a higher level. You can learn all about the features here:

2. Journey ( Don’t want to pay a subscription for premium features? Pay once for Journey, probably the strongest competitor to Day One. It’s also available on a wider range of platforms and devices. It’s been picked Google Editors Choice from 2016 – 2018.

3. ( Probably the best thing about is that it emails you everyday to ask you how your day went. The journaling is simply your reply message. The pro subscription is just $3/month and offers a robust number of features:

Don’t let your 2019 slip away! Start your journal now.

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