Bad with Names? Try Namerick

NamerickSome people have a total blind spot when it comes to storing names. In real estate, this can be the kiss of death. “How will they remember to market my property if they can’t even remember who owns it?” With the holiday season in full swing, you’re likely to meet dozens of new people at parties, dinners, and community events. If names are problematic for you, what can you do?

Well, if you own an iPhone (or iOS device, like an iPad), you can try Namerick, a handy app to help you remember names in context. This is great for gathering data “in the field” you can then use later to get in touch with people you’ve met.

Namerick helps you with the “three R’s of memory”:

1. Record

Lightning fast name entry (with autocomplete) Add notes, categories (Work, Friend, Family, Crush!) and future plans (Like emailing, facebooking, or doing lunch) – Also generate a mnemonic “namerick” for an additional memory boost

2. Retain

Secure storage of new names, text messages (push) with helpful reminders at psychologist tested time intervals for maximum retention – Location for additional memory assist

3. Retrieve

Search by name or any keyword in the notes field, sort names by category and future plans

For a complete overview of how clever (and fast!) this app is, check out the Namerick website. The app is not free, but priced affordably:

Learn more about Namerick for iPhone/iPad

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