Boxcryptor Secures Your Data in Any Cloud

Boxcryptor LogoIf you use a cloud-based data storage provider to synchronize and back-up your files, you’re well aware of how convenient it is to have your files available on demand. You may have even been saved from a catastrophic hard drive cash by storing crucial files on services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or Amazon S3.

But have you ever felt a little exposed using cloud-based services? Do you ever wonder if the files are as secure as the provider assures you they are?

Boxcryptor is an independent service which helps you encrypt your files before you synchronize them with the cloud. According to the Boxcryptor website:

“As soon as Boxcryptor is installed you can encrypt all files and folders that are saved to the Boxcryptor drive. Synchronizing the encrypted data to the cloud works fast and automatically. With Boxcryptor you profit from all advantages of the cloud, even when you are on the road. Thanks to our mobile apps you can access your protected files from everywhere you are.”

Boxcryptor has a free account, but a more robust annual membership is available as low as $4/month. They also offer a “company package” for $8/user per month– perfect for making sure the whole office is locked down safe and sound.

Learn more about Boxcryptor here:

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