Build an Artistic Bond with Local Businesses

Colorful paint brushes.Real estate agents are generally strong supporters of small, local, family businesses. It makes sense, as local businesses are key to building local economies. There are lots of reasons to root for local businesses, including the fact that 68% of every dollar spent locally stays local.

For a real estate agent looking to build a list of clients, forming alliances with local businesses is a great way to reinforce a network. From the deli where you pick up a sandwich a couple of times a week to the flower shop where you buy arrangements for new home owners, getting to know the folks who own and run your neighborhood’s commercial districts can build a strong book of business over time.

One way to show your gratitude for a local business while keeping your name top-of-mind is to give a gift which shows how much you appreciate the business. Many business owners are proud of their shops, and often display photos of the property, customers, or people who work there. Here’s an idea: Have a professional photo taken of the business, then have the artistically stylized photo printed on a mounted canvas.

Most business owners will be touched by the gesture and may decide to hang the canvas print in their business. Of course, when people ask them where the print came from… well, that’s when your name comes in.

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