Is Your Housing Market Considered a ‘Zoom Town’?


A “zoom town” is a new nickname for a housing market that is suddenly booming as remote work takes off. NPR’s Planet Money. coined the term as more Americans, no longer bound by a commute during the pandemic, join the hunt for a new place to call home or for a second home. They’re fleeing crowded urban areas for more space to spread out in, and some are eyeing traditional vacation communities to make their permanent residences, housing analysts explain.

Shifting some of the housing demand from large cities to “zoom towns” could help relieve housing costs in some pricier areas. “Remote workers are craving more space, privacy and tranquility as well as convenient opportunities to spend time outdoors and get closer to nature,” writer Irene S. Levine notes in a recent article. “Although interest in zoom towns has been primarily fueled by millennials, the desire to move is also being felt acutely by families living in close quarters whose children are now learning remotely at home


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Is Your Housing Market Considered a ‘Zoom Town’?

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