Clean Up Your Neighborhood with Litterati

Litterati LogoHere’s a cool way to use social media, mobile technology, and crowd-sourcing to clean up neighborhoods all over:¬†

Founded by Jeff Kirschner, Litterati works like this:

  1. Find a piece of litter.
  2. Photograph it with Instagram.
  3. Add the hashtag “#litterati”
  4. Throw away the litter.

From the website:

“The Digital Landfill is a photo gallery showcasing the different pieces of litter being picked up, and the overall impact of the movement. With geo-tagging, we’re able to provide insight into problem areas and highlight the most active Litterati communities. Keyword tags on the photos help identify those brands and products that generate the most litter. We’ll use this to work with companies and organizations to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.”

You can read about how Jeff’s own daughter inspired the project one day by reading¬†his article “Why I started Litterati” on

We think it’s a great way to encourage people (especially tech-exciteable kids!) to participate in reducing litter and pitching in to clean up neighborhoods. Share this inspiring project with others!

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One Response to “Clean Up Your Neighborhood with Litterati”

  1. Kathleen
    February 28, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    This is great! If I had a smart phone I’d be using that every day. As it is, I’ll recommend it to my friends who do.