Coaching Tip: How to Cultivate “Techno Life” Skills

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From the technologist Kevin Kelly:

“If you are in school today the technologies you will use as an adult tomorrow have not been invented yet. Therefore, the life skill you need most is not the mastery of specific technologies, but mastery of the technium as a whole – how technology in general works.”

In a recent article about cultivating this mindset of becoming comfortable with learning and using technology throughout our lives, Kevin Kelly put together a list of tips you can apply to your life to foster this mindset.

A few gems from the list:

“Anything you buy, you must maintain. Each tool you use requires time to learn how to use, to install, to upgrade, or to fix. A purchase is just the beginning. You can expect to devote as much energy/money/time in maintaining a technology as you did in acquiring it.”

“You will be newbie forever. Get good at the beginner mode, learning new programs, asking dumb questions, making stupid mistakes, soliciting help, and helping others with what you learn (the best way to learn yourself).”

“Every new technology will bite back. The more powerful its gifts, the more powerfully it can be abused. Look for its costs.”

Check out all Kevin’s tips here. Each one is worth your consideration!

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