Coaching Tip: Todoist, the GTD Method, & Real Estate

Image of GTD & Todoist logosGTD, or “Getting Things Done” is the productivity and personal organization methodology pioneered and refined by David Allen. It’s a simple way to get tasks out of your head and into a plan which allows you to make real progress on your goals.

Todoist is our current “task manager” of choice, and a great piece of software for keeping track of projects, deadlines, and ideas surrounding those projects.

If you’ve ever wondered how to marry GTD to Todoist, we have good news: There’s a video Todoist just released to explain how you can integrate the “Collect, Process, Organize, and Review” core principles of GTD into Todoist.

Getting Things Done with Todoist:

One practical application of the GTD/Todoist methodology for real estate agents is approaching every listing (or client) as a “project.” For example, if you setup projects for each listing (using the address as the project title) and build to-do lists for each required “next step” in marketing and selling the listing, you’ll find it’s quick and easy to monitor your deal pipeline at a glance (without using expensive, proprietary software).

Todoist also offers collaboration. If you have an assistant helping you with “Project” listings, you can share these projects and both tackle the tasks appropriate to your sphere of responsibility.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable, and flexible system for improving your pipeline productivity, check out the intersection of GTD and Todoist.

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