Community Safety: Drive Like Your Kids Live Here

Drive Like Your Kids Live HereHere’s an idea that’s so good, we wish we’d come up with it ourselves. Not only is it creative and effective, but it also helps save the lives of children.

Did you know approximately 70% of all children killed or injured by motor vehicles are struck within blocks from their own homes?

Did you know an average of 4 children age 14 and younger were killed and 500 were injured every day in the United States in motor vehicle crashes during 2009?

Well, now there’s something small you can do to raise awareness and save lives. Enter the “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” project. Designed to help end distracted driving, raise awareness of children in our neighborhoods, and reduce the number of senseless pedestrian deaths, this program encourages you to post signs which simply state “DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE.”

It’s a simple, powerful message, and one we think deserves some recognition. To learn more about Drive Like Your Kids Live Here, check out their website:

You can buy the signs themselves, learn how to help, organize fundraisers, and learn more neighborhood safety.

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