Dashlane: Secure Password & eWallet Management

Image of Dashlane LogoPull up a desk chair, Tuesday Tactics readers. I want to tell you a story about an amazing future.

A future in which you never have to remember a password again. A future in which you never have to fill out one more web form by hand. A future in which you never have to pull out your wallet and squint at the worn-off numbers on your credit card to make an online purchase.

Science fiction? Fantasy? Not at all. It’s just your life using Dashlane for password and eWallet management!

Did we mention it’s free?

According to Dashlane’s website:

Get automatic login for all your accounts with our free password manager. Even on complex logins with two steps or three fields, like bank accounts. No clicks or keystrokes required.

Fill every field on every form, perfectly. Nothing’s too complicated for our autofill. Emails, addresses, phone numbers, payment types, IDs, expiration dates, job titles… you name it, we fill it.

Store any and all payment types. Credit cards, debit cards, bank info, PayPal…pay any way you like using your online wallet.

Automatically saves receipts & screenshots of your purchases. Store itemized receipts of any purchase in your digital wallet, with screenshots to know exactly where you’ve been shopping.

Don’t squander one more minute chasing passwords and typing in form data. Try Dashlane today:


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