Digital Decluttering & Digital Minimalism

Cluttered iPhone screen.Who owns your attention? Do you feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of app notifications and endlessly scrolling feeds? Maybe you’ve inadvertently become a “digital hoarder,” amassing a collection of apps which you swear you can’t do without. Do you actually need all this tech?

Digital clutter is a real thing, and making the effort to reclaim your devices and your mind can deliver unparalleled peace and personal productivity. Writer and computer science professor Cal Newport believes we may just be at the beginning of a digital revolution. His book, “Digital Minimalism” is an absolute must-read.

If you’re not ready for a manifesto, though, you can begin with this simple digital decluttering guide from the New York Times. (In addition to this tutorial, you might also find this simple tip for “stacking” apps together on your iPhone handy!)

Kick your app addiction and spare yourself the stress of digital burnout! Dropping your digital clutter will help you discover deeper connections with others.

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