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Image of EasilyDo logo.Our smartphones have become the defacto cockpit for our “office on the go.” Calendars, email, calls, maps, contact management… it all fits in a pocket or purse, and if the battery holds on long enough, we can practically run our lives from these incredible devices.

But have you noticed you spend an increasing amount of time managing the handy features on your smartphone? Just keeping up with your own schedule, making sure the maps to the listing are loaded, and noting down access codes to conference calls can chew up your time and attention.

EasilyDo is an app that aims to make all of that management smoother, organizing our lives for us, and integrating what we have to do with the features already on our devices.

Some examples of tasks EasilyDo promises to manage:

1. Leave in Time for Your Next Meeting: Get directions and notifications advising you when to leave based on current traffic.

2. Join Conference Calls with One Tap: Skip the frustration of writing down passcodes and dialing the wrong digits.

3. Send Birthday Wishes and Gifts: Never miss your friends’ birthdays. Schedule to send your greetings via Facebook or email.

4. Keep Your Tickets and Boarding Passes Handy: No more looking for misplaced emails or printouts.

5. Manage Your Contacts Automatically: EasilyDo finds new contacts to add from your email, and gets rid of duplicates instantly.

6. Organizing emails does not have to be a time-consuming chore. EasilyDo can automatically save your emails to Dropbox and Evernote! Just enter your keywords once and say goodbye to filing emails manually.

EasilyDo is available for download on Apple and Android devices:

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