Escape from “Email Prison” with AwayFind

Image of AwayFind logoNot all email is created equally. On any given day, depending on sender, situation, and what’s a priority for you in your day, different messages might have different importance. You might want to be sure you don’t miss any updates to a conference call meeting, or perhaps lunch with a friend which was a little “touch and go” to begin with.

Unfortunately, the low-tech solution to keeping an eye out for important messages has been, well… just keeping an eye out for the message. You know, keeping your email program or tab open all day. The problem is, every time you hear an email alert or see that tab magically flip over to (1), you stop what you’re doing to check your email.

Constant interruption and distraction leads to a failure to focus. And a failure to focus? Your performance suffers in any task you’ve undertaken.

AwayFind is an ingenious service which can serve as the automatic lookout for important email messages. It’s pretty ingenious: Rather than you constantly checking your mail, you can tell AwayFind to text you or call you when that important message comes in. It’s the email equivalent of “Hold my calls unless its…”

To learn more about how service works, plus handy uses for a variety situations, check out this 2 minute video:

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