Facebook Ad Targeting Tutorial for Real Estate

Facebook Ads icon.Been wondering how to use Facebook’s deep knowledge of its user base to target ads specifically for new listings? Check out this simple tutorial from Realtors Property Resource:


From the article: “Facebook, one of the most reliable mechanisms for narrowly targeted advertising campaigns, reports that, when compared to the average online reach of 38%, it holds steady at an 89% accuracy rate.”

In this piece you’ll learn how to “Create Your First Audience” on Facebook as well as identify people who are likely to buy because they’ve been in their home 6 or more years. From the piece:

“You are probably asking yourself how does Facebook know this? Behavioral data comes from both a user’s activity on Facebook and offline activity provided via data from the social platform’s third-party partners.”

Get smart about your marketing spend on social media! Learn how to use Facebook’s ad targeting this month.

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