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Facebook Open House PreviewsWhat do you do with all those friends you have on Facebook? One way to leverage the line of communication you have with Facebook friends is to announce special events which are announced primarily on your Facebook page. Rather than trying the shotgun approach to an open house, why not try something a little more exclusive with a narrower time window?

By having a “private preview” of a listing, and advertising it on Facebook to your network, you’ll not only make the event a little more special, but you’ll also demonstrate to prospective clients that you’re savvy when it comes to marketing properties (this never hurts, does it?). Not to mention, you’ll also save on printing postcards and managing the setup/tear down of signs in the neighborhood.

Below is a sample invitation you can copy and edit to suit your needs:

On Monday:
“I’m throwing a little sneak peek open house this week exclusively for my Facebook friends (and their guests!). Stop by between 4PM – 6PM at 123 Mainstreet this Friday for a chance to unwind, snack, and take a look at a great new listing. Even if you’re not in the market, I’d love to have a “work” excuse to catch up! Message me to let me know you’re coming, or drop a comment below!”

Follow-up with two shorter posts to remind people of the event:

On Wednesday:
“Looking forward to seeing those who RSVP’d to the private preview “happy hour” this Friday at 123 Mainstreet. Interested in stopping by for some snacks and catching up? Drop me a line with a comment or message.”

On Friday around lunch time:
“Only a few hours until the private preview at 123 Mainstreet. Happy hour snacks and a sneak peak at a great property. Looking forward to all your friendly faces!”

Drive down marketing costs and drive up social media returns.

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