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Image of GoodGuide logo.Consumers vote with their dollar, but sometimes it’s hard to know what, exactly you’re voting for. Does a product test on animals? Was this phone made by slave labor in China? Does this dress come from an unsafe factory? Is the process which makes this food actually killing biodiversity?

One website, GoodGuide, aims to help inform consumers about the items they purchase. The idea is ingenious: If people support companies with transparent and ethical products, it will become unprofitable over time to create products with harmful or unethical sources.

From the GoodGuide website:

Led by Professor Dara O’Rourke of UC Berkeley, GoodGuide’s science team — chemists, toxicologists, nutritionists, sociologists, and lifecycle analysis experts — rates products and companies on their health, environmental and social performance.

GoodGuide’s 0 to 10 rating system helps consumers quickly evaluate and compare products. Our mission is to help you shop your values wherever you shop.

With GoodGuide, you can:

  • Find better products that are healthy, green, and socially responsible
  • Search or browse over 145,000 food, toys, personal care and household products to easily learn about the best and worst products in a category
  • Rely on our scientific expertise and sophisticated rating system to simplify complex and confusing product information
  • Get mobile advice while shopping in a store by downloading our iPhone app
  • Create and share personalized favorites lists of products that are right for you and you family

Pretty cool! Check out GoodGuide yourself, and share it with your clients to show you care.


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