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Image of logoAre you looking for ways to make faster and better decisions to grow your business?

We all know how much help a trusted mentor or personal advisor can be when it comes to developing ideas. Whether you’re facing a tough decision or hashing out questions you have over a new entrepreneurial enterprise, getting an outside opinion can be just the boost you need. is a service which hopes to give you a little of exactly what the name of the service promises — Clarity — when it comes to your ideas. Clarity connects you with business experts, schedules a call time, sets up the conference call line, and gives you a resource for hashing out your questions.

Startups, authors, marketing experts… all have used Clarity to help them get a fresh perspective on their goals. Have a unique area of expertise to offer? You can also register to be an expert resource on Clarity.

Clarity also has a great blog with practical articles on marketing, social media, and more.

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