Foster Deeper Connections with a Reading Group

Group reading together.If you’ve ever participated in a book club, you know that a well-run, engaging club can broaden your perspective and deepen your connection with others. Much like traveling, book clubs offer a chance for people to bond through the exploration of new terrain, albeit terrain of the mind.

If you’re not part of a book club, why not consider starting one? Maybe you’re unsure how to proceed. What will you read? Biographies? Fiction? Poetry? Who might be in the group? How might this impact what you choose to read?

You could consider implementing a book club in the office, or even running a “business book club” among professionals.

One alternative you might consider to a book club is a short story club. As this article in Lifehacker reports short stories have a number of advantages:

  1. It’s easier for everyone to finish the story before you meet.
  2. You can take bigger risks on short stories, since a “bad story” is a relatively low-key time investment.
  3. You can read more than one short story, providing a nice bit of diversity in the club’s meeting.
  4. There are lots of free short stories online, or available in inexpensive magazines.

In a world where face-to-face time can be harder to orchestrate, keep the book (or short story!) club in mind.

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