Gamify Savings with Long Game

Long Game logoThe pathway to home ownership is often obstructed by commonplace financial pitfalls. A lack of down payment. Poor credit. Excessive debt. To remedy this, innovative tech companies are searching for ways to make fiscal responsibility fun and engaging. One such company is Long Game.

In a country like America, where 40% of the population has zero savings and 57% play the lottery, Long Game has identified a compelling approach to encourage people to save. The company asked: “What if people saved that money — and still had the thrill of winning?”

The concept is simple: People download the app and earn “coins” as they make deposits into their Long Game account. Those coins enable “players” the chance to win money every week. Meanwhile, Long Game partners with “socially-minded banks” to offer higher interest rates on the savings. Best of all, the service is free and all accounts are FDIC-insured.

If you know folks who could benefit from this clever way to gamify a savings plan, spread the word today. A complete Frequently Asked Questions section is available on the website if you’re curious about how it all works.)

Check out Long Game here:

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