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Image of icon.File under “one to watch” when it comes to cutting-edge apps. is part of a new wave of “smart calendars” that help you run your life more efficiently.

The app integrates contacts, email messages, directions, and more into a seamless “context aware” interface. The calendar is designed specifically for business people who deal with lots of meetings and presentations.

Here are some examples of what can do:

  • Send a pre-populated “running late” email or text
  • Dial into conference calls — Tempo handles the passcode
  • Get directions, parking, and estimated driving time
  • Review emails that pertain to the meeting
  • Open related documents
  • Quickly reach attendees via phone, email or text
  • Wish people happy birthday on Facebook
  • Find exact location even without an address
  • Browse attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to Foursquare and Yelp
  • Know your flight status

For a report with someone who’s had a little more hands-on time with Tempo, be sure to check out Robert Scoble’s blog post, “Siri’s contextual sister, Tempo, blows away Apple’s iPhone calendar.”

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