Get Price Drop Protection with Earny

Earny LogoDid you know that most credit cards offer price protection guarantees on your purchases? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 97% of Americans don’t know about this benefit. Basically it works like this: If you buy something and the price drops, you can claim a refund for the difference in price.

The devil, of course, resides in filing the claim. You could spend a lot of (more) valuable time trying to keep track of those changes. That’s where Earny comes in.

Earny is a new app which tracks price drop claims for you. Even better? They can file the claim on your behalf.

The process is simple: Link the email account where you normally receive receipts for purchases. Earny then scans receipts and monitors prices. When it finds a price drop, it files the claim and notifies you of the refund.

Don’t miss out on price protection benefits! Learn more on Earny today:

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