GoodRx: Prescription Price Protection

Image of GoodRx logoA recent PBS Newshour feature revealed how generic drug pricing can vary widely, so much so that one cancer survivor was quoted prices as high as $400/month for a life-saving drug while other pharmacies sold it for $10/month. The story behind generic drug pricing is eye-opening, and for many the education can be the difference between life and death.

One online service designed to help consumers make better choices about where they purchase their medications is GoodRx. The site (and app!) empowers patients in multiple ways. From the website:

  • Compare prices for all FDA-approved prescription drugs at virtually every pharmacy in America.
  • Find pharmacy coupons, manufacturer discounts, generics, comparable drug choices and savings tips all in one place.
  • Save up to 80% at local pharmacies you already know. We’ll even send you refill reminders and alerts when prices change!
  • Got insurance? GoodRx can often beat your co-pay or help with drugs that aren’t covered by your plan.

Don’t fall into the generic drug price trap. Save yourself and your clients money by connecting them with GoodRx:

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