Google Drive is Here

Google Drive LogoI think it’s fair to say that Google wants your entire business to run on Google products. After all, who else provides so much free, useful, web-based software (or cloud based, if you prefer)?

Well, there’s a new cloud in the sky, and it’s Google Drive. Much like Dropbox, Google Drive is a free service that allows you to backup, share, and access files remotely, anywhere. The service will also synchronize with your devices if you choose, making sure the files are instantly updated. Google Drive begins with 5GB of space free, but if you require more, you can buy more space at very reasonable prices.

Google published an original announcement about the service on their blog, but if you want a really great overview of the service, you should read CNet’s “Google Drive FAQ” here:

The Google Drive FAQ

In fact, this is a great page to share with friends, colleagues, and contacts who you think might be interested in the service. It’s a great way to backup important files, music, photos, and other essential information.

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