Grab Your Visitors’ Attention with Hello Bar

Image of HELLO BAR logo.What’s the ONE thing you want every visitor to your site to do? Is it register for your newsletter? Read a special blog post? Search for homes?

Whatever it is, the folks at Hello Bar have come up with a great way to make sure your most important content gets the attention it deserves.

Hello Bar is a handy plug-in for your website which floats on the very top of your website visitors’ browser when they come to your website, encouraging them to click on your site’s most important call-to-action.

It’s super easy to setup and even has a free version you can try out before you become a regular user.

Features include:

  • Custom look & feel to grab attention and match your brand
  • A/B Testing to compare messages & clicks
  • Visitor click-through statistics
  • Automatic inclusion of RSS & Twitter Feeds

Explore how Hello Bar works and try it for free today:

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