Great Read Roundup: Chatbots, Spam, & Smart Home Trends

Image of Great Reads LogoAn ongoing feature in Tuesday Tactics is our “Great Read Roundup” in which we highlight some of the best pieces we’ve read recently and why they might expand your mind or help with your real estate career.

The Chatbot that Will Force Your Landlord to Fix a Leaky Tap
(4 minute read)

Why it matters: The Stanford student who helped write an automated chat bot to help drivers avoid paying traffic tickets by drafting letters to make their legal case has just turned himself on the task of renter’s rights. This is an interesting trend to watch, because chatbots might help everyday folks access legally-valid documents to plead their cases for free. (You can dig into an introduction to chatbots here.)

Stay Out of Your Clients’ Spam Folder
(3 minute read)

Why it matters: We receive a fair amount of real estate agent newsletters, mostly because many agents have the ill-advised habit of automatically subscribing all of their contacts to their newsletter. If you have a newsletter for your clients, or are thinking of starting one, be sure to check out this piece based on a Forbes article.

What’s Feeding Our Appetite for a Smarter Home?
(5 minute read)

Why it matters: Get a sense of the future of consumer preference when it comes to smart homes with these results from the 2016 Houzz Smart Homes Trend Survey. “The driving factors behind the installation of smart tech — systems or devices that can be monitored or controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer — vary depending on the type of technology. Let’s take a closer look at the primary motivations behind smart security/safety, climate control, lighting and entertainment upgrades.”

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