Great Read Roundup: The Art of Building Communities

Image of Great Reads LogoAn ongoing feature in Tuesday Tactics is our “Great Read Roundup” in which we highlight some of the best pieces we’ve read recently and why they might expand your mind or help with your real estate career.

Why Walkable Cities are Good for the Economy, According to a City Planner
(13 minute read)

Why it matters:Walkability is treated as a static part of a city; your city is either walkable or not. You either need a car or you don’t. But a city’s walkability is dynamic and can be improved with people-oriented city planning, which will benefit the local economy and make societies more equitable.

8 Reasons to Partner with the Arts
(6 minute read)

Why it matters: First launched in 2012, the pARTnership Movement is a program and online platform of Americans for the Arts which demonstrates that by partnering with the arts, businesses can gain a competitive edge. Here are 8 reasons why businesses should partner with the arts.

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