Great Read Roundup: Trendspotting

An ongoing feature in Tuesday Tactics is our “Great Read Roundup” in which we highlight some of the best pieces we’ve read recently and why they might expand your mind or help with your real estate career.

Inside the Agrihood Trend

(10 minute read)

Why it matters: Ever heard of the “agrihood” trend? From the article: “Developers are bringing the farm closer to consumers’ tables in urban, rural, and suburban spaces. Learn how real estate pros work in communities that are organized around the availability of fresh, hyperlocal food.”

Lighting Tricks Designers Use for Awesome Curb Appeal

(6 minute read)

Why it matters: Curb appeal opportunities don’t disappear when the sun goes down. In fact, you might argue that a cleverly lit home can stand out from every other house on the block once night falls. Learn how designers are using the latest in home lighting to boost a home’s appeal.

Why Blockchain Will Change the Real Estate Industry Forever

(10 minute read)

Why it matters: Do you understand the implications of blockchain technology for real estate transactions? If not, you should definitely set aside some time to read this primer by Cushman & Wakefield.

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