Handy YouTube Shortcuts

YouTube Keyboard ShortcutsDid you know that you can use your keyboard to control how YouTube videos play in your browser? It’s true. There are lots of shortcuts you can use to skip, pause, play, and scan through a video.

Once you’ve selected the video you want to watch (and usually this means clicking on the “Seek Bar” below the video that controls the playback), you can use all of these shortcuts to navigate the video:

  • Left / Right arrow: Jump back / ahead 5 seconds in the current video
  • Home / End: Seek to the beginning / last seconds of the video
  • Spacebar: Play / Pause
  • Numbers 1 to 9: Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video
  • Number 0: Seek to the beginning of the video

There are others, too, plus information available on how to disable these features on your own videos if you don’t want visitors to be able to use these shortcuts. For a more detailed look at YouTube shortcuts, check out this article on the website “Make Use Of”:


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