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BetterQualified.comRates are at an all-time low, but the recession has also taken a toll on buyers’ credit scores. The paradox? People finally ready to buy can’t seem to get the loans they need to make that dream home a reality.

While the market is full of empty promises around credit repair, there are companies out there that offer real help to folks who need a boost to their score in order to qualify for a loan. Among them, we’ve come, headed up by CEO Paul J. Oster.

Oster’s company has helped many individuals and mortgage professionals help their clients secure great financing. Their testimonials page features recent buzz, and their articles on Credit Restoration provide a valuable library of articles you can use to help educate consumers about their credit.

If you’re interested in pursuing credit repair services for clients with “less than ideal” loan prospects, check out and see if they can lend a hand.

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