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UberConference logo.Pardon our bluntness, but conference calls suck. And the reason they suck nine times out of ten? Terrible conference call quality, interface, and ease-of-use. How many times have you had to cajole someone to download a special piece of software? Or what about cost? Some “premium” services are simply far too expensive for the handful of times a year (or month) you need to get your entire team on the phone for a status meeting.

UberConference is one of the best new solutions we’ve seen for conference calls. Powered by DialPad (it has nothing to do with rideshare company Uber), UberConference offers truly seamless conference call ability for everyone on a team, requiring no special software to participate. Best of all, it’s free for up to 10 participants.

UberConference also offers a host of convenient features, including screen sharing, identifying who’s speaking, custom hold music, PIN-less dial-in, custom phone numbers, and a whole lot more.

(One nifty thing about UberConference, is that it will share analytics about the call once the call is concluded, including a per-participant breakdown of how long each person spent speaking on the call.)

Yes, there are dozens of conference call services out there, but UberConference is one of the best we’ve tried:

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