How to Be Happier at Work

Be Happier at WorkEven if you love what you do, there are plenty of days (weeks?) when work can grind on you. When that happens, there’s a tendency to convert that stress into negative behaviors which, in turn, cause the cycle of stress to intensify. The question remains: How do you stop the cycle?

Jeff Haden, an expert ghostwriter for business and technology leaders, sums up ten things you should watch out for if you want to create a happier and healtheir workplace. In his article for Inc. Magazine, he explains in detail these ten toxic behaviors and the rationale behind what makes them so poisonous to your satisfaction and performance:

1. Blaming
2. Impressing
3. Clinging
4. Interrupting
5. Whining
6. Controlling
7. Criticizing
8. Preaching
9. Dwelling
10. Fearing

This is a must-read piece and great for inspiring change. Check it out and be sure to share it with others in your office in your next meeting:

Be Happier: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

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