How to Make Any Webpage Print Friendly

PrintFriendly logo.The web is an ever-changing place. Content appears and disappears all the time. Have you ever wanted to track down an article later, only to find it’s been placed behind an annoying pay-wall? Have you tried to print information for your clients only to have it come out in a stack of fifty jumbled pages? Well, there’s a simple web tool you can use to solve these problems and more. It’s called Print Friendly.

Print Friendly saves paper and lets you create perfect web-page based PDFs of virtually anything you read in your browser. Remove ads, edit pages, and preview your documents before you print them with an easy-to-use interface. It also offers a plug-in you can use on your own website, as well as a browser extension to make printing pages you want to save a breeze.

Try Print Friendly & PDF here:

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