How to Use Evernote for Real Estate

Evernote for Real Estate

Can a personal organizational tool really help you run your real estate business? Yes.

Last week we featured this blog post from Evernote on ourĀ Tuesday Tactics Fan Page, but we thought it merited sharing with everyone on the Tuesday Tactics newsletter and website.

We often introduce you to cool technology tools you can use to help your real estate career, but once in a while we come across a “must see” case study of one of those tools in action.

To that end, we want to show you how Evernote works for Krisstina Wise of The GoodLife Team in Austin, Texas. Krisstina discusses in detail her approach to integrating networked productivity technology like Evernote into her day-to-day operation.

Some of her tips to using Evernote for real estate include:

1. Creating a notebook for every single customer
2. Starting the buying process before getting back
3. Making a habit of saving everything to Evernote
4. Making use of mobile devices and “Trunk” integrations
5. Training her staff
6. Sharing with multiple team members

We strongly urge you to take a peek at this article on the Evernote blog and consider what Ms. Wise’s team is doing in Austin. The market is going to heat up, and when it does, those with a superior command of productivity tools will better leverage their time, lower their stress levels, and close more deals, guaranteed. Start learning to prepare for future earning!

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