How to Use Passbook

Image of Passbook screenshot.Have you started down the path to the totally paperless revolution? If you have an iOS (read: Apple) mobile device, iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad came with a nifty new app called “Passbook” which promises to consolidate all of those little cards and papers you carry around into a digital wallet. Coupons, movie tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes… all can be carried around in Apple’s Passbook.

Passbook can be a little confusing to use at first, so we tracked down this handy article from Digital Trends on how to make Passbook work for you:


This article covers:

  • Opening Passbook
  • Adding passes using apps
  • Adding passes using email
  • Adding passes by URL (website address)
  • Tips and tricks


There’s also an Apple Support page if you have other questions:

Hang onto your hardcopies for now… but soon, you may find you can toss them in the recycling bin!

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