Hunt Power Hogs to Lower Power Bills

Image of surprised power socket.Controlling energy costs is not only good for the family budget, but it’s good for the planet, too. You probably have clients who appreciate “green tips” to help minimize their carbon footprint, so here’s one you can share in your next newsletter or blog posts.

Do you know which appliances in your home consume the most power? While large appliances such as dryers and washing machines are obviously major consumers, you might be surprised to discover that smaller appliances, especially those drawing “phantom power” can really add up over the course of a month.

But how do you hunt those power hogs? Purchasing an inexpensive electricity usage monitor like the P3 International “Kill A Watt” can give you visibility into the previously hidden wilds of your home’s power hogs. For less than $30 these devices can be plugged in between sockets and appliances to show you how much power they draw over a period of time. (We don’t endorse a particular model, though we have linked to the Kill A Watt as an example.)

You may be surprised by what you find as you hunt power hogs in your home. Did you know that many new flatscreen televisions have their brightness and contrast settings turned up to look good under the harsh lighting conditions of big box retail stores? For most home settings you can adjust these settings so they consume less power and look just fine.

Small tweaks can add up to a lifetime’s worth of savings. Hunt those hogs and put the trophies back in your wallet!

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