Infographic: The Video Marketing Edge

Image of video infographicSwitch Video, a marketing company that specializes in helping companies tell their story in 60 seconds or less with video, recently put together an eye-opening infographic on the impact online video has with consumers across a wide range of channels.

If you’re not using video yet to market your services and your properties, this infographic might just change your mind. Some highlight findings include:

  • 60% of people will stick around to view the end of a video that is less than 1 minute long.
  • When marketers used the word “video” in an email subject line, open rates increase 7% to 13%.
  • 66% of consumers will watch a video two or more times when the video is information-sensitive.
  • Search results with video thumbnails have a 41% higher click-through rate (CTR) than plain text results.

So how does this apply to real estate marketing? Here are some practical tips that correspond to the data points above:

1. Keep your home tour videos under a minute. This means nixing big intros and long vanity logo shots. Get immediately to the information.

2. Market your videos to your email list, and be sure to use “video” in the subject line. For example: “Video tours of new listings,” “One minute video tours of amazing homes,” etc.

3. Pack your videos full of useful information. Increase your odds of second exposure by including data about the house, the neighborhood, the taxes, the schools, etc.

4. If your work with an MLS system that links to videos or shows video thumbnails in your search results, take the time to learn how to use this feature!

You can check out the full (fascinating!) infographic here:

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