Is Dweller the Future of Affordable Urban Living?

Dweller Logo.With real estate prices sky-rocketing in hot urban markets, there’s an increased call to provide affordable housing for those who might be otherwise squeezed out. One company believes they have an innovative solution to not only provide additional housing, but also provide homeowners with a passive income via rentals. They’re called Dweller.

According to Dweller:

“Dweller builds and owns Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which are detached houses generally located in residential backyards. ADUs have the look and feel of houses with the amenities found in most small homes.”

“Through a lease agreement with the homeowner, Dweller builds the ADU and retains responsibility for maintaining the ADU. The homeowner can choose to select qualified tenants for the ADU or leave that to Dweller. Either way, the homeowner receives a monthly lease payment equal to a percentage of rent collected from the ADU, which helps maximize the value of the homeowner’s primary investment.”

It’s a fascinating concept, and one you might want to familiarize yourself with soon. Check it out (with photos of ADUs!) here:

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