Is M.A.D.I. the Future of Flatpack Homes?

M.A.D.I. home.Architects worldwide are looking for ways to provide rapidly-deployed affordable housing, and here’s a fascinating new entry into the “instant home” market. It’s called “M.A.D.I.“, designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal. (M.A.D.I. stands for “modulo abitativo dispiegabile.”)

The A-Frame homes can be assembled on-site in 6 – 7 hours, require no foundation on level ground, and can be broken down again, moved, and stored for future use. Whether in permanent use or designed to provide temporary housing for a variety of needs, the project is a serious innovation in the field. One eye-opening detail? The homes “retail” for around $33,000.

Curbed has an excellent article with an overview of the project and the various configurations. You can also watch a timelapse video of an actual home’s construction:

More information is available on the English-language version of the company’s website as well:

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