Jason’s House: A New Real Estate Model?

Image of Jason's House logoAs technology continues to change the face of traditional services, it seems there’s always a fresh attempt to innovate (or disrupt) traditional real estate buying and selling services. From discount brokerage services to shifts in the way agents secure leads, many players have entered the space with the hopes of (profitably) revolutionizing the industry.

But the traditional real estate model persists. As robust as it has been (and more people are joining the industry day by day), it’s important to keep an eye out for emerging companies. One such company is “Jason’s House.”

Billing itself as “an entirely new marketplace for real estate service,” the site claims to be a “unique marketplace” and “better way to find an agent.”

From the site: “Receive bids from local real estate agents based upon your exact needs. No more wasting time and money overpaying for real estate services.”

The site also claims to be a good way for agents to find qualified leads. FromĀ the agent-side:

“Tired of deals falling through? Jason’s House makes it easy for you to choose the buyers you want to work with. Not the escorting type? Jason’s House provides you with the flexibility to cater to the home buyers you can help the most.”

Will it change real estate? It’s too early yet to say. But it’s a good idea to at least be familiar with these services whether or not you’re participating.


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