Just Released: The January Collection from My Real Helper

The January 2013 Collection from My Real Helper is now available. If you are a current member, you should have received access this morning to download the kit.

Thinking about joining? The $9.95 membership fee is a good deal considering everything in this month’s collection:

Letters for:

  • Welcoming each of your contacts into the New Year
  • Prospective property investors (includes practical tips)
  • Sharing an interesting anecdote about Amazon.com meetings (and the importance of the customer/client)
  • Seeking expired referrals from your contacts

Blog posts for:

  • Talking about big goals for the year and ways to keep resolutions
  • Helping clients avoid “moving company blues”
  • Explaining how you market a home’s lifestyle
  • A curb appeal tip: “The Front Door Tune-up”

Coaching & tech tips for:

  • Texting terms and best practices w/clients
  • Three ingredients for a happy client relationship

Open your own membership today:

Not sure? Try a sample collection from this month’s kit! Download the “Expired Referrals” collection:http://gum.co/eyZg

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