Keep it Clear: Simple, Elegant To-Do Lists for iOS

Clear by RealMac SoftwareNot everyone wants a to-do list or task management app with a million bells and whistles. For some, a colorful, elegant, and easy-to-use app is all we want to keep track of the day’s agenda.

“Clear” by RealMac software for the iPhone is probably the most intuitive, elegant app we’ve ever seen for managing tasks. Based on the many swipe, pinch, and tap gestures we’re all very familiar with when it comes to iOS apps, Clear makes managing a to-do list a fun task by itself. Tasks are elegantly colored by priority and easy-to-read. The “snappy” response to gestures is quite fast and addictive as well.

Right now Clear is on sale for $1.99 for iPhone:

If you’re looking for an Android version, you might want to check out the knock-off version, currently available on Google Play:

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